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ĐTools features

This is the list of features implemented in ĐTools. List is divided by projects and organized and sorted by namespaces and classes or files. For detailed description of each tool check XML documentation files or source code (if it is not provided here). Only public elements marked with Version and Author attributes should be listed here.

Assembly.png Assembly Tools (located in the Tools project)

Started by: Đonny
Classification: Standard project (Level 1), potentially platform independent; Language: Visual Basic
  • Namespace.png Tools (base namespace for ĐTools)
    • Class.png Tools.Box(Of T) Boxes value of any type as value of reference type. (Đ)
    • Class.png Tools.Cloneable(Of T) Implements ICloneable(Of T) for easy use. (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.CollectionsT
      • Namespace.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT Provide various templates (generics) of collections, lists etc.
        • Class.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.HashTable(Of T) List of unique items - type-safe and quick way for storing items in collestion and testing when item is in collection. Internally uses System.Collections.Hashtable
        • Interface.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.IIndexable(Of TItem) Represents anything that can be indexed by Long (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.IIndexable(Of TItem, TIndex) Represents anything that can be indexed by anything (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.IndexableEnumerator Implements enumerator of IReadonlyIndexable(Of TItem) (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.IReadOnlyIndexable(Of TItem) Represents anything that can be indexed by Long for read only access (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.IReadOnlyIndexable(Of TItem, TIndex) Represent anything that can be indexed by anything for read only access (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.IReadOnlyList(Of T) Provides almost the same functionality as classic List(Of T), restricted only to read operations. (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.ListWithEvents(Of T) Provides events of adding and removing items from the list. (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.ListWrapper(Of T) Wraps type-unsafe IList as type-safe IList(Of T) (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.ReadonlyListAdapter(Of T) Implements IReadOnlyList(Of T) as adapter of System.Collections.Generic.List(Of T). Inherits ReadonlyListAdapter(Of TFrom, TTo) (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.ReadonlyListAdapter(Of TFrom, TTo) Provides way how to pass list of variables of inherited class somewhere where collection of variables of base class is accepted. (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.CollectionsT.GenericT.Wrapper(Of T) Provides way how to pass collections of type IEnumerable where IEnumerable(Of T) is expected. (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.ComponentModelT Contains component-related tools
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.CancelMessageEventArgs CancelEventArgs that has string message attached. (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.EnumConverterWithAttributes(Of T) Enum converter that utilizes RestrictAttribute (if applie on enum) and DisplayNameAttribute applied on enum items (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.ExpandableObjectConverter(Of T) Class derived from TypeConverter(Of T) with functionality of ExpandableObjectConverter (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.ExpandlableObjectConverter(Of T, TOther) Class derived from TypeConverter(Of T, TOther) with functionality of ExpandableObjectConverter (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.FieldDisplayNameAttribute DisplayNameAttribute that can be applied on field (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.FileByteConverter Type converter of array of bytes that show number of bytes (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.HexaConverter Type converter of byte array and its representation as string containing hexadecimal number (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.KnownCategoryAttribute CategoryAttribute that can be initialized only by known values (as defined by public shared (static) read-only properties of CategoryAttribute class) (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.LCategoryAttribute Localizable version of CategoryAttribute (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.LDefaultValueAttribute Localizable version of DefaultValueAttribute (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.LDescriptionAttribute Localizable version of DescriptionAttribute (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.LDisplayNameAttribute Localizable version of DisplayNameAttribute (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.ObjectStringConverter Allows property grid to edit properties of object type as string typed. (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.PrefixAttribute Specifies prefix that may be used in names of instances of such-marked controls. (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.RestrictAttribute Used with enums to mark then as restricted (or non-restricted) to only enum-listed values (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.SettingsInheritDefaultValueAttribute DefaultValueAttribute that gets its value from DefaultSettingValueAttribute (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.SettingsInheritDescriptionAttribute DescriptionAttribute that gets its value from SettingsDescriptionAttribute (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.TypeConverter(Of T) Base class for type-safe type converters of type T (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ComponentModelT.TypeConverter(Of T, TOther) Base class for type-safe converter between type T and TOther (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.DataStructuresT
      • Namespace.png Tools.DataStructuresT.GenericT Contains various generic data structures
        • Interface.png Tools.DataStructuresT.GenericT.IPair(Of T1, T2) Type that can contain two values of two different types (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.DataStructuresT.GenericT.IT1orT2(Of T1, T2) Interface of type that can contain eihter value of type T1 or of type T2. (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.DataStructuresT.GenericT.Pair(Of T) Inherits Pair(Of T1, T2) and limits it to only contain values of same type (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.DataStructuresT.GenericT.Pair(Of T1, T2) Implementation of IPair(Of T1, T2) (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.DataStructuresT.GenericT.T1orT2(Of T1, T2) Implements IT1orT2(Of T1, T2) (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.DataStructuresT.GenericT.Tree(Of T) Generic tree for storing structured data. (Đ)
    • Delegate.png Tools.dFunction Overloaded delegates for various generic functions (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.DrawingT Contains graphic, imaging and graphic files related tools
      • Namespace.png Tools.DrawingT.DesignT Contains design-related graphical tools (such as type editors)
        • Class.png Tools.DrawingT.DesignT.EmbededFileEditor UITypeEditor that edits array of bytes by loading it from file and saving it to file (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.Drawing.DesignT.EmbededImageEditor UITypeEditor that edits image by loading it from file and saving it to file (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.Drawing.DesignT.NewEditor UITypeEdito capable of creating instance of type being edited either by obtaining value of DefautlValueAttribute or invoking default constructor (Đ)
      • Namespace.png Tools.DrawingT.IO Contains tools related to reading and writing graphic files
        • Namespace.png Tools.DrawingT.IO.JPEG Contains tools related to reading and writing JPEG files
          • Class.png Tools.DrawingT.IO.JPEG.JPEGMarkerReader Represents marker (block of JPEG file) (Đ)
          • Class.png Tools.DrawingtT.IO.JPEG.JPEGReader Provides tools realted to reading from JPEG graphic file format on low level (Đ)
          • Class.png Tools.DrawingT.IO.JPEG.Photoshop8BIMReader Represents Photoshop 8BIM segment (Đ)
      • Namespace.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT Contains tools related to metadata in images (Exif, IPTC, XMP)
        • Class.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.Exif Provides high level read-write access to preloaded block of Exif metadata (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.ExifReader Provides low level access to stream of Exif data (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.IExifGetter Represents provider that provides stream of Exif data (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.IPTC High-level editor of IPTC metadata (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.IIPTCGetter Represents provider that provides stream of IPTC data (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.IPTCReader Provides low level access to stream of IPTC data (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.IIPTCWriter Represents provider that can store stream of IPTC data (Đ)
        • Structure.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.SRational Signed rational number (two Int32s) to support Exif datatype (Đ)
        • Structure.png Tools.DrawingT.MetadataT.URational Unsigned rational (two UInt32s) to support Exif datatype (Đ)
      • ClassSealed.png Tools.DrawingT.SystemColorsExtension Gives access to additional colors defined by system (currently web browser link colors are accessible) (Đ)
    • Delegate.png Tools.dSub Overloaded delegate for generic methods with no reaturn value (Đ)
    • Enum.png Tools.enmTriBool Represents three-state "boolean" (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.GlobalizationT Tools related to globalization issues
      • Class.png Tools.GlobalizationT.ISOLanguage Provide list of all ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 language codes with additional information (Đ)
    • Interface.png Tools.ICloneable(Of T) Extends System.ICloneable to be type-safe (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.InternalT Contains types and methods used by ĐTools internally
      • Class.png Tools.InternalT.AuthorAttribute Allows programmer to mark yourself as author of part of code (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.InternalT.DoNotApplyAuthorAndVersionAttributesAttribute Inform other programmers that missing AuthorAttribute and VersionAttribute is not mistake and asks them not to apply them on such-marked code element. (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.InternalT.MainToolAttribute Marks tool as root tool of some group (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.InternalT.StandAloneToolAttribute Marks tool as tool that is in no group (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.InternalT.ToolAttribute Marks tool as sub-tool in specified group. (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.InternalT.VersionAttribute Defines version of code element. Also allows to define note and date. (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.IOt Tools for doing I/O and file system operations
      • Class.png Tools.IOt.BinaryReader Extends System.IO.BinaryReader to be able to read numeric data in both little-endian and big-endian format (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.IOt.ConstrainedReadOnlyStream Implements stream that operates only through part of base stream that can seek and read (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.IOt.Path Object-oriented way of dealing with paths (Đ)
      • Module.png Tools.IOt.StreamTools Tools related to Streams (e.g. method then inserts given bytes into given position of stream) (Đ)
    • Interface.png Tools.IReportsChange Interface of type that reports changes of its values. (Đ)
    • Class.png Tools.MathT Provides various mathematic functions and operations
      • Method.png Tools.MathT.GCD Greatest Common Divisor (Đ)
      • Method.png Tools.MathT.LCM Least common multiple (Đ)
      • MethodOverload.png Tools.MathT.LEBE Overloaded. Converts integral numbers stored in little-endian format to big-endian format and vice versa (Đ)
      • MethodOverload.png Tools.MathT.Max(Of T) Overloaded. Gets the maximal value of list (array) of IComparable (Đ)
      • MethodOverload.png Tools.MathT.Min(Of T) Overloaded. Gets the minimal value of list (array) if IComparable (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.ResourcesT Contains tools for reading of and manipulating with resources and resources itself.
      • Class.png Tools.ResourcesT.SRCategoryAttribute Exposes functionality of internall (friend) .NET class System.SRDescriptionAttribute (Đ)
      • Class.png Tools.ResourcesT.SRDescriptionAttribute Exposes functionality of internall (friend) .NET class System.SRCategoryAttribute (Đ)
      • ClassSealed.png Tools.ResourcesT.SystemResources Operates over friend class Syste.SR (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.TextT Text and string related tools
      • Module.png Tools.TextT.Misc Miscellaneous string and text related tools
        • Method.png Tools.TextT.Misc.MTrim Normalizes whitespaces in string (Đ)
    • Module.png Tools.TypeTools Various tools for working with System.Type and related classes (Đ)
    • Structure.png Tools.TimeSpanFormattable Wrapper of System.TimeSpan that adds support for large scale of formatings. (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.VisualBasicT Tools related to Visual Basic langauge
      • Module.png Tools.VisualBasicT.Interaction Miscellaneous visual basic tools related to tools present in Miscrosoft.VisualBasic.Interaction
        • Method.png Tools.VisualBasicT.Interaction.iif(Of T) Type-safe variant of VisualBasic iif function
        • MethodOverload.png Tools.VisualBasicT.Interaction.IfNull Overloaded (some of overloads are generic). Returns first parameter if it has meaningful value, otherwise returns second parameter. (Đ)
        • Constant.png Tools.VisualBasicT.Interaction.Null Allows usage of Null in Visual Basic instead of Nothing (Đ)
        • Constant.png Tools.VisualBasicT.Interaction.Nothing Allows usage of Nothing for Null in other languages than Visual Basic (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.WindowsT Contains types related to WinForms and WPF
      • Namespace.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT Contains types (mostly componets and GUI elements) for WinForms
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.ControlWithStatus Common base for controls with StatusMarker (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.ComboWithStatus ComboBox with StartusMarker (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.DataBoundToolStripComboBox ToolStripComboBox that provides data binding like normal ComboBox (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.DataBoundToolStripLabel ToolStripLabel that provides data binding like normal Label (Đ)
        • Interface.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.IControlWithStatus Interface that defines common functionality for controls with statusMarker and StatusMarker itself (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.KeyWordsEditor Very sophisticated control for editing keywords. Contains editable list of known keywords and thesaurus. (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.LinkLabel LinkLabel with enhanced design-time experience. (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.MaskedTextBoxWithStatus MaskedTextBox with StatusMarker (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.MultiLineTextBoxWithStatus Multiline TextBox with StatusMarker (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.NumericUpDownWithStatus NumericUpDown with StatusMarker (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.EncodingDialog Dialog using EncodingSelector for selecting encodings (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.EncodingSelector Control that allows user to select encoding (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.ProgressBarWithText ProgressBar with overlay text (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.StatusMarker Control that provides UI for marking and changing sync status of control value (i.e. deleted, changed, new, normal, error) (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.TextBoxWithStatus TextBox with Statusmarker (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.TransparentLabel Label that is really transparent (Đ)
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.TransparentTextBox Control that inherits from RichTextBox and has completely transparent background. (Đ)
        • Namespace.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.Utilities Contains small utilities for working with WinForms
          • ClassSealed.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.Utilities.CategoryAttributeValues Contains common values used for the CategoryAttribute class when creating custom WinForms controls. Contains common value for both - properties and events. (Đ)
          • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.Utilities.ListViewItemComparer Simple sorter that allows ListView to be sorted ascending or descending by one of its columns (like in VB6). (Đ)
    • Namespace.png Tools.XmlT Tools related to XML technologies
      • Namespace.png Tools.XmlT.XPathT Tools related to XPath query language
        • Class.png Tools.XmlT.XPathT.XPathObjectNavigator Implementation of XPathNavigator through generic object structure (Đ)

Assembly.png Assembly Tools Visual Studio (located in the Tools Visual Studio project)

Started by: Đonny
Classification: Special tools for Microsoft Visual studio (Level 3), platform dependent (Microsoft Visual Studio 2005); Language: Visual Basic
  • Namespace.png Tools base namespace for ĐTools
    • Namespace.png Tools.DiagnosticT diagnostic tools
      • Class.png Tools.DiagnosticT.ImageVisualizer visualizer of images for Visual Studio debugger (Đ)

Assembly.png Assembly Tools Win (located in the Tools Win project)

Started by: Đonny
Classification: Windows API wrapper project (Level 3), platform dependent (All 32 and 64 bit Windows); Language: Visual Basic
  • Namespace.png Tools (base namespace for ĐTools)
    • Namespace.png Tools.WindowsT Contains types related to WinForms and WPF
      • Namespace.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT Contains types (mostly components and GUI elements) for WinForms
        • Class.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.ExtendedForm Windows form with additional futures (Đ)
        • Namespace.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.UtilitiesT Contains small utilities for working with WinForms
          • ClassSealed.png Tools.WindowsT.FormsT.UtilitiesT.LinkProperties Gives access to hyperlink settings of Internet Explorer (Đ)

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