Unicode and remoting related problems in Total Commander framework


Hi Dzonny,
First of all, thanks for your TC plugin framework. It's really a great tool. Without it I couldn't be able to implement my SkyDrive TC plugin.
But it seems that there are some bugs in the TC framework, which I couldn't fix myself. I hope you can help me in this issues:
  1. unicode support: it seems that unicode characters are not handled correctly in TC framework and TC cannot display the proper file and folder names
  2. remoting lifecycle related issue: after a specified idle time (when there is no communication -due to user action- between TC and the .Net plugin), the .Net plugin object is released, disposed or whatever (I suppose by the .Net framework) and the .Net plugin reference pointer in C++ code become invalid or null, which -at the next user action- leads to a serious error which also crashes the whole TC program.
    If you need more information about the errors, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance,